Testimonial From Three Boys’ Alpacas

by Juanita DeSisto
Three Boys’ Alpacas

“Disappearing Creek Ranch owners, Ernie and Juanita Kirschnick and Dean and Stephanie Schlegel, were referred to me as I had just begun my alpaca brokering business in 2004. When we met in January, they had been studying alpacas for quite some time, and were in the process of making the decision on whether or not they were going to become a part of the alpaca industry. They decided to take the plunge, and I am so glad that they have chosen this way of life.

It has been my pleasure to work with these two families. They have a unique relationship; Stephanie and Juanita are best friends and sisters and their husbands and close friends too, and are always there supporting the sisters with open eyes and obliging muscles. Alpaca ranching has become a family affair for them; the two couples and the combined four children have all been very active in preparing their 40-acre ranch to house their alpacas.

Myself, along with many other alpaca breeders are impressed with the preparation these two families have made in the early stages of preparing for their first alpacas. After careful research and consideration on getting into the alpaca industry, they sought out an accountant, met with a marketing specialist, and contacted WebArtists.biz to help them get started on their website. They had their soil tested for nutrients and grass tested for entophytes prior to bringing their first alpacas home. We have spent days together talking about alpacas, and many hours on the phone. And they have listened, watched and questioned.

Stephanie and Juanita also searched across a wide variety of farms when contemplating their first animal purchases. They decided they would begin their herd with three bred females. I went with them, and together we spent several days visiting a number of farms and looking at alpacas. It was a pleasure to visit my fellow breeders’ farms and share their amazing stories and alpacas. Stephanie and Juanita ended up finding their females at three different farms. They chose two Huacayas, and one Suri of excellent quality. Soon, they will be having their first alpaca babies, and no doubt will soon be on their way to the show ring.

It was an absolute pleasure to mentor and work with these two families. They have become more than clients, they have become friends who will always be in my life.”