Tips When Buying Alpacas

Buying alpacas is a great way to start a farm and know that you are going to be unique in most areas. However, if you are not a seasoned alpaca buyer it is also very easy for you to get taken advantage of by some people who are selling their alpacas at a discounted price to get rid of them. With that being the case, here are some tips that will help you avoid making a mistake and getting a poor quality animal that will not provide you with the income you want or the fiber you need.

The first thing that you need to look for is the type of alpaca that you are getting. Their are two different types of alpaca the Suri and the Huacaya. The Suris are often called the alpacas with dreadlocks and they are going to have a longer hair that is going to be looking like it is formed into dread locks because it gets so long and different looking. The Huacaya alpaca are the ones that are commonly seen and they often look like they are the giant marshmallow puffs that are walking through the pastures. Most of the time the Huacaya are what you will find and want to get because their fiber is easier to use.

Imagine looking out your window onto your own Alpaca farm. You may need a breeding bard or structure with it’s own windows and doors to house and breed your Alpacas in. If that’s the case we’ve worked with several companies in the past who do this kind of work. Check out for a reasonable quote on barnyard style windows.

Density of the fiber is something else to consider. Alpaca fiber is spun based off of the crimp and density. So you will want to find an animal that usually has some dense fiber, but also is going to have good crimp. This way you will have more usable fiber in the form of yarn or rovings. However, you need to realize when you are looking at the density you should check out the last time the animal was shorn if it was close to the time you are looking. Then you can evaluate the fleece the animal has given up to see if it will work for your needs or not.

Micron levels are going to be a measure of how soft the animal is. Usually this is done by getting a lab test done and the softer the animal is the more valuable they become. If possible you will want to get a lab test or have the seller give you a lab test of the micron levels. Then you will know if you are getting an animal that tends to have a coarser fiber or if they are going to have a coat that is going to be super soft and not so rough to work with.

Having a chance to buy alpacas can be a good thing. However, what you ought to realize is their are often going to be some problems when you are buying because some people just want to sell to get out from under the alpacas. To avoid this you should use some tips to help you out when you decide to buy some alpacas for your farm. By using these tips it will be easy for you to find the right alpaca and know they will provide you with the fiber you need to have.

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